NOVA Ocean Knowledge Centre


The NOVA Ocean Research Centre is a knowledge centre established in the Centre for Research & Development on Law and Society (CEDIS) of NOVA School of Law.

NOVA Ocean aims to increase joint and interdisciplinary scientific research in the ocean field and to assert itself as a player with impactful action at a global level. Concomitantly, keeping in line with NOVA School of Law’s focus on the great challenges of today, it aims to contribute to the external visibility of the Faculty.

“We need the scientists, the economists, the lawyers, the social scientists, who can develop a cross-sectoral vision in the field of the Ocean”

Embassador Peter Thomson on the importance of research centres as NOVA Ocean

Sustainable Development Goals

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Sustainable Development Goal 14 - life below water.

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Multidisciplinary Research

Innovative centre dedicated to multidisciplinary scientific research in the area of the Ocean and its governance.

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Internationalization School

NOVA School of Law integrates the list of host institutions of the United Nations Organization "The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme for Human Resources Development and Advancement of the Legal Order of the World's Oceans."


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